Suppression Beach Invasion

On Saturday the 25th of May Suppression will return to invade the beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee featuring the best atmosphere, the hottest talents and 4 unique showcases divided over two areas. Deetox will present her brand new comeback album "Revival", Unresolved will showcase the best work of his RSVLD records label and the Gearbox hotshots Thyron and Ncrypta will showcase their brand spanking new albums "My Way" and "Blackout".

As you can expect from Suppression, the newest and hottest raw talents will be given a spot in the talent area. For the first time in The Netherlands we will have Fraw & Invictuz. These German raw soldiers are definitely names you will hear more off. With the help of Upcoming DJ Management we selected the best Dutch new raw hardstyle talents Cryex, Ressurectz LIVE and Restless to showcase the Dutch new raw blood. To top all of this off we also include battles between Luminte & Killshot and the hardest closing act Dither vs Project Core.

Mainstage (Outdoor)DeetoxDitherKillshotLuminiteMalice Ncrypta PhysikaProject Core ThyronUnresolved MC: FocusTalents (Indoor)BestiaCryexFrawInvictuz NerozRessurectzRestlessSins Of Insanity
Early bird tickets will go on sale on the 20th of March at 18:00 via suppression.­nl for only €22,50 ex fee. Be sure to grab yours quick to score that early bird discount. People who have bought tickets for Suppression in the past should watch their inbox for the loyalty tickets link to buy their tickets in advance.

New Location
The invasion will begin at a brand new venue at Bloemendaal aan Zee. We will disclose all details next week.
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