Superster Ferry Corsten met 'Blueprint' albumtour naar Beachclub Fuel

On Saturday September 9th, Beachclub Fuel will welcome back Ferry Corsten. The calendar of this dj/producer will be really full because a busy tour is planned around his fifth artist album "Blueprint". Fuel is really excited about him making a stop at Bloemendaal aan Zee where he will do a four hour set. Supporting acts will be provided by Airwave (BEL) and Factor B (AUS).

Blueprint - the fifth artist album by Ferry Corsten
Its is pretty self-evident that Ferry remains very inspired and ambitious. He's been in the game for a long time and we think it's pretty impressive that he's still so incredibly able to transform his creativity into story telling through music. He's got that gift, and his fifth artist album, is the amazing result of that!

It starts with a sound!
It is no secret that Ferry has invested a lot of energy into this new album. It even has a script ? developed with David Miller (from the hit series House of Cards). With this script in hand, Ferry locked himself in his studio to knock out Blueprint. But his set at Fuel will transcend this album and in the mix will also be: new music from his label and likely a few (modern) trance classics. It will be a set to remember and not miss out on!

Early Bird tickets now for sale!
Quick decision-makers will of course be rewarded with a discounted price and will only pay ?17,50 for the Early Bird ticket. Are you ready for this Blueprint adventure with Ferry Corsten at Beachclub Fuel? Well, then don't hesitate and grab your Early Bird tickets straight away via this link. These will sell out soon and regular price is set at ?25,-.
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