XXlerator Raw_ E-Force

The 'Honingcomplex' in Nijmegen will be the location of a special edition of XXlerator RAW, dedicated to the release of E-Force's album "Edge Of Insanity". The event will be taking place in two areas, the indoor area being hosted by E-Force. The outdoor area will be hosted by Hard News, where Raw Hardstyle talents will be able to showcase their talent. The event will take place on April 15th, starting at 2pm and will end at midnight.

Ticket sale starts Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm on xxlerator.?com - Tickets are 29,50 Euro excl. Fee.

Full Line-up:
E-Force - The Edge of Insanity
IndoorD-SturbDelete Digital PunkE-ForceLunaMystery GuestRVAGERadical RedemptionRebelion Sub Zero ProjectWarfaceMC: NolzHard News Events
OutdoorBass ChaserzD-VerzeDeluzionInfiriumInvectorLuminiteMalice Mind Dimension Prefix & DensityRaidenRooler Unresolved MC: Livid
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