Yellow Claw

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The first Yellow Claw was significant different from any other “Eclectic” orientated clubnights. Which was mainly caused by 
the skills and the teamwork of the three young stunners and their interaction with the audience. That's what Yellow Claw is all about. 
In a time where boundaries has faded and crossover is the most common word in music, 
Yellow Claw is the party of the 21th century. The Claws mix up every genre which is within a sense of playing. 
From the electronic stuff like House and Electro to Dubstep and all the way back to the classic HipHop and R&B. 
Add some of Bizzey’s most catchy lines and hooks and there you have it, one of the most innovating and entertainning 
club nights known to mankind.
Besides our clubtour through the Netherlands we also did some of the biggest Dutch festivals like DirtyDutch Festival, 
Stereo Sunday Festival, Dreamfields Festival, Sneakerz Festival, Zomerkriebels, Salvationz, Latin Village Festival, Solar Festival and Welle Village. 
We also did DJ sets at all the big club nights, like Salsa Lounge, Twisted Stereo, Nope is Dope, GirlsLoveDJ's, Sneakerz and Dirk Deluxe

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