Carl Cox

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It is safe to say that you deserve the title ‘great one’ if you’re able to ring in the Millennium twice, and basically can travel back in time. On New Years Eve 1999, Carl Cox was able to ring in the Millennium at Bondi beach in Sydney Australia and then fly back over the International Date Line to ring it again in Hawaii. Carl Cox was 15 when he first held a set of turntables and he has been hooked every since. Arriving at the scene at a revolutionary time, he was able to be right in the midst of it. He began as many DJs by playing rare groove, New York hip hop and electro. When house music from Chicago reached London it was then that he knew he stumbled unto something radical. One of his first musical collaborations was with Paul Oakenfold in the late 80's, and around that same time established his reputation as a three-deck wizard when he added a third turntable for his dawn breaking set. His first success came to him in 1991, and when in those days the public turned towards fluffy house and trance it was then that he stayed true to underground techno. The rest is pretty much history. One of his biggest accomplished is also the fact that he has been resident DJ for Space Ibiza since 2002. His Space Revolution has trembled the Ibiza soil every summer since then and it doesn’t look like it’s going to quiet down any time soon, thank the heavens for that. 

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