Aankomende evenementen


It’s a pleasure, we’re the KUDDEDIEREN. We thank our lives to everyone who comepletely agree about everything with each other, everyone who takes the same point of view, and everyone who parrots.

Change? Not neccesary. Preferably more of the same. Step up and join our adventure, just like erybody else does. Expierence it yourself, just like the rest of us. We would love to take you on this great, sense activating, tour. Expect music, expect visuals, expect alhocol, expect food, expect sex. (Also known as the first needs)

The obvious chat from house to hiphop and back via dancehall and reggae is applied for us as wel. Playing from 70 BPM to 150 and every number in between. 90% is very female-freindly but now and then we make a big change to some good electro of dubstep. You already knew all of this? That’s good news. Then you know what to expect.

Evenementen in het verleden