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The parents of some upcoming artists go through a lot. Usually starting at a young age, the first music the DJs produce is usually in their rooms at home. And EDM just doesn’t sound proper if it’s not blasting from speakers. And if you’re son wants to break through within the hardcore scene you really have to brace yourself for impact. Same went for the parents of hardcore king Angerfist, or Danny Masseling as he is known to his parents. The young DJ got inspired by the genre when going to the largest festival in The Netherlands, Mysteryland. He heard Headbanger perform and was immediately mesmerized. Still in school, and working part time at a factory, Danny had one goal and that was to produce music. At home, with his parents, he bought his first music software and started to produce music. Of course blasting this ridiculously loud out of the speakers. Those poor parents… But with their full support and his determination, Danny was able to rise to fame as Angerfist. After a little push from a friend he sent a CD to DJ Buzz Fuzz, who got him in touch with Masters of Hardcore, which features other artists such as DaY-már. His music became notorious within the scene due to the use of hard bassdrums, and thumping beats, which were even extreme within the hardcore scene. Dark yet accessible are the words used to describe the popularity of the DJ. Being active since 2001, Angerfist has performed all over the world and in his signature outfit of a black hoody and icehockey mask, inspired on the horror film ‘Friday the 13th’. He’s held stage at major events such as Defqon1, Dominator and Masters of Hardcore, besides that he’s furthermore collaborated with artists such as Korsakoff, Outblast and Predator. One of the biggest in his genre, we’re pretty sure that his fans are just happy that his parents never grounded him and took away his equipment, but we’re sure they are too. 

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