Andrew Rayel

Aankomende evenementen


It’s amazing sometimes to hear the stories behind the rise of a DJ. And sometimes it seems that how bigger the odds, the more successful a DJ becomes. Just think of Paul van Dyk growing up in East Berlin and Deadmau5 having to deal with a rodent infestation in his computer. Andrei Rata, better known as Andrew Rayel, is again one of those successful artists that had to overcome a lot to execute his love for music. As a young boy he would repeatedly drum with his fingers on the table, so his parents enrolled Andrei in piano lessons. They of course could not know that Andrei was probably already producing his very first beat. But the young artist had talent, and musicality, and to this day the piano is a constant thread throughout his music. Ironically, his biggest inspiration wasn’t a superstar DJ, it was classical genius Chopin who the DJ from Moldavia looks up to. But of course, he has DJ inspirations. And for Andrei and his love for trance, this could be none other than Armin van Buuren. Andrei started out on basic computer playing fruity loops, the software became out-dated quickly and thanks to a loan from his parents he was able to purchase some decent equipment. From then on it was game on producing records! It was his hero, Armin, which noticed the young DJ’s talent and his tracks were given an important roll during Armin’s world famous radio shows ‘A State of Trance’. Signing Andrei to Armada Music, which features artists like Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold and W&W, this musical prodigy was ready for greatness. His passion lies with producing, which is more the other way around compared to most artists. He prefers producing to performing, but has a small addiction to seeing the crowd go nuts to his music. His plans for the future? Cross overs with different music genres, for example Chopin. Oh we’d like to hear that…