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Pushing boundaries, exploring different areas, leaving your comfort zone and then rise to the occasion, in a nutshell the story of Dutch house duo Showtek. In their teens, brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen began making music. Starting producing in 2001, their first EDM genre was techno and later on hardstyle. Within the genres the duo achieved successes, and in their own words they felt that they had played at every cool festivals and clubs known to the genres. The two of them needed a new challenge, something different to stimulate their musical creativity. They had already produced a large amount of non hardstyle-techno songs for other artists, all behind the scenes. Including DJ legend Tiësto. In 2011 Showtek was scheduled to play in Las Vegas, and Tiësto was scheduled the day before. When the superstar heard that the duo would play the next day, he invited them to join him a day earlier and see his performance. Showtek’s curiosity to see what their co-produced tracks would achieve on the dance floor, maid them decide to accept the invitation. Luckily they did, because when they saw the craziness their co-produced song ‘Maximal Crazy’ caused, the little light bulb above their heads went on like a lighthouse and they knew that this was what they were going to do next. Instead of co-producing the house hits, they decided to put their name next to the titles. Like every successful artist they have a monster hit which gave them international fame, when they released ‘Canonball’ in 2012, the duo had established themselves within the house scene. Since then they’ve had other success collaborations with artists such as Hardwell, Bassjackers and Noisecontrollers. With performances at major clubs such as Zouk, LIV, Pacha Ibiza and a residency at Privilege, we’re wondering how long it will take until they’ve conquered the house scene, and then what will be next?

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