Michael Mendoza

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Wisdom comes with ages. Success takes time.. at least for the majority of us. Within the dazzling DJ scene this can happen in an instant. That’s why it’s no surprise, that Michael Mendoza’s talent is well acknowledged in the past few years. The former law student has grown out into the big promise of the Dutch DJ guild. He traded his study books for turntables… And not without success.

Producing, spinning, mixing.. all in a day’s work for Michael Mendoza. From the moment he chose to mold his creativity in this form, he’s been surfing the wave of triumph. With his keen sense for quality, his knowledge and experience, combined with his talent and perseverance, Mendoza is simply here to stay.

With the aid of his mentors Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano, DJ Roog and Leroy Styles, Mendoza is internationally known for his versatility, broad music knowledge, the art of feeling a crowd en simply the skill to blow up any venue, festival or party worldwide.

With record deals at established labels such as Defected, Dirty Dutch Records and Spinning, Mendoza is a guarantee for an unforgettable night. A DJ who’s name won’t be out of place on any party poster, flyer or line-up. Mendoza is represented by TW STEEL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, the organization responsible for the majority of big dance events. This has lead him to profile and measure himself with the best DJ’s worldwide, therefore, dominance within the international DJ top is a matter of time.

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